Friday, 26 May 2017

"Control Your Emotions & Be Positive", by Yoshito Hori

Came across a very interesting article about the relation between controling our emotions and leadership.

Some takes of the article (really interesting!):

- TAKE 1 :)

Techniques to control your emotions:

STEP ONE: Jettisoning anger
  • Analyze WHY you are angry.
Thinking rationally automatically switches your brain function from the emotional to the intellectual.
  • Execute an EMOTIONAL “REFRESH.”
Do something to take your mind off your anger. Play basketball, go for a swim, find some friends to chat to.

STEP TWO: Controlling the emotions
  • Try to recognize the emotion you’re feeling.
  • Judge if that emotion is a positive or a negative one.
  • If it’s positive, amplify it. If it’s negative, reduce it.

- TAKE 2:

Carlos Ghosn, the charismatic French-Lebanese head of Nissan, is respected in Japan and worldwide for his rescue of the struggling national carmaker in the late 1990s.
Ghosn bases his approach to public speaking around a simple cast-iron rule: Your audience will forget 90% of what you say within 24 hours. What stays with them is your attitude, your emotion, the feelings you convey.

Here's more:

Have fun! :)

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