Thursday, 18 May 2017

"7 Traits of High-Performing [Lean] Teams", by Maja Majewski

I came across an article about High Performing Teams.

Although the article is lean-oriented, I believe these 7 traits are easily applicable to any team with a high performance motivation.

So here's my interpretation of these 7 traits to any team who values High Performance:

1. They Don’t Let Lack of Lean Experience Stop Them

Your team wants to be a High Performance team. So, if you use any methodology that is Agile oriented (it helps :)), if your team is not very experienced with the used methodology shouldn't be a problem, as long as the team WANTS to performe better and better.
Motivation is key!

2. They Have an Executive Champion

It really helps a lot to have your top management with the same mindset. It allows the team to have space for trying and improving in a continuous improvement environment.

3. Their [Lean] Journeys are Unique

Any path to adoption of a high Performance mindset can lead to success, as long as the team is committed.

4. They Have a Dedicated [Lean] Team/Position

Having someone pushing forward and always reminding the team to do better, and how to improve more and ore is a key facto.
In many Agile adoption teams, it is really helpfull to have a good (!) Agile Coach.

5. They Use Power Tools

Make teams use the best tools suitable to each reality. Use them well and they will surely help!
Make the best out of performance measure tools, task oriented tools, etc.

6. They’re Laser-Focused on Flow

Increasing team productivity, make processes more and more efficient, and use the best change management tools available, will surely contribute to improve the frequency of quality delivery.

7. They’re Metrics-Obsessed
"metrics allow teams to paint a holistic picture of their current and past performance, helping them make targeted improvements" - couldn't say better, really :)

Good metrics are very helpful indicators on how we're doing. So, teams should be taking the best out of metrics, in order to improve continuously.

Have fun! :)

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