Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Forced Agile" - What's your reason to resist it?

Interesting article about the 'crisis' between the implementation of what I call "forced agile", and the resistance many professionals experience.

In many organizations, Agile kind of creeps in starting with that one team that experiments it and gets so excited with the result that it naturally spreads it gradually to the entire organization.
However, in some organizations, Agile is imposed from above as a management strategy and everyone has to change the way they work, even if it doesn't really see whichever benefits Agile Methodologies bring along. That creates resistance.

Is it okay to resist to Agile, or should you check your real motivations to this resistance?

Fact: Agile changes the way we work.
Fact: Resistance to change is the typical human reaction.
These two factors combined often create tension in a new imposed environment, as happens in an Agile forced one.
That's why the subject of culture change is such a strong topic when addressing the changes in an organization into an Agile mindset.

Despite the implementation of strategies to help mitigate this, it's important for each of us to check our real motivation to these resistance.

The author of the below article addresses some interesting topics on this matter. It's worth to read it.
Here's the link:

And have fun, as always! :)

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