Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In Scrum, make "Recommendations, Not Rules"

I stumbled into an article from Mike Cohn at Mountain Goat Software while I was searching about rules(...) in Agile, particularly in Scrum.

I recently came across a lot of rules in implementing Scrum, and firmly believe that Scrum is useful because of it's informal nature.
By being informal doesn't mean it is easy-going or irresponsible.
But Scrum is based in the fact that team elements are involved in making the work "work". Remember the pig-and-chicken parabole.
If you define a big set of rules, you will get the work done, for sure. But you will have in your teams either "yes-people" or "grumpy-people". And neither is Agile. Neither is involved. And neither is working in continuously improving, therefore, you are killing Agile.

So, in implementing Agile, go for the basic rules (see Mike Cohn's article bellow for basic rules suggested) but beyond that, just make recomendations. And above all, listen to your teams members.

For implementing Agile in big departments, you can read more about SAF's and other agile frameworks.
It can be big and still be Agile ;)

Here's the link to the article:


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