Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Agile User Stories - Always "INVEST"

In Agile Methodologies, user stories are a way of implementing a set of principles that enrich the methodology application in projects, and ultimately, enrich the way we work.

Those principles are sumarized in the acronym INVEST, that help to define the story quality and even concluding it is poor/deficient, and therefore should be redesigned.

In order to qualify as a quality story, it should be INVEST, that is to say:
- Independent (from all other stories)
- Negotiable (it is not a fixed and unflexible set of criteria)
- Valuable (it must add value to the functionality to implement)
- Estimable (in a realistic approach)
- Small (it must fit in an iteration, and preferably not fill it completely! :) - see more on tips on splitting stories)
- Testable (ensuring with no doubt that it is implemented without bugs)

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