Thursday, 31 October 2013

"What is Agile -10 Key principles" - Article on All About Agile

The All About Agile site provides an interesting article about key principles in Agile Methodologies.
Here's a brief summary of the article.

From my use of various agile methods, I have written about 10 key principles of agile.  These are characteristics that are common to all agile methods, and the things that I think make agile fundamentally different to a more traditional waterfall approach to software development. 

They are:
1. Active user involvement is imperative 
2. The team must be empowered to make decisions 
3. Requirements evolve but the timescale is fixed 
4. Capture requirements at a high level; lightweight & visual 
5. Develop small, incremental releases and iterate 
6. Focus on frequent delivery of products 
7. Complete each feature before moving on to the next 
8. Apply the 80/20 rule 
9. Testing is integrated throughout the project lifecycle – test early and often 
10. A collaborative & cooperative approach between all stakeholders is essential


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