Monday, 4 December 2017

What type of Buysiness Analyst are you?

Ranging from the Business side to the Technology side, Eric Provost defines 4 types of Business Analysts.

Here's the four profiles, from Business Oriented to Technology oriented:

- The Strategic Analyst
Types of Business Analyst: strategic
...focuses on the organization as a whole...

- The Business Process Analyst
Types of Business Analyst: Business Process
... works to understand current business processes in the organization in detail...

- The System Analyst
Types of Business Analyst: System
...also known as the Functional Analyst, uses the high level, business process-based requirements elicited by the Business Process Analyst as his main input...

- The Technical Analyst

Types of Business Analyst: Technical
...the one linking the business and system requirements to the bits & bytes of the system...

I would add that sometimes the Business Analyst must be a bit of all the four profiles above, specially if it's nearer to the Technology side.
Sometimes you have to wear the four hats, on at a time :)

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Have fun! :)

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