Tuesday, 18 April 2017

"User stories are not requirements", by Emal Bariali

Interesting article that deepens the role of the Business Analysts, and makes it go the extra mile!

The takeaways from the article:
  1. Recognize that your output as a BA has huge downstream impacts.
  2. Understand that meeting the needs of your downstream stakeholders (the dev team) are as important as meeting the needs of your upstream stakeholders (the business side).
  3. Learn what it takes to make sure your downstream stakeholders have what they need to build a solid solution.  A little bit of "systems thinking" will take you a long way to help meet the developer needs.
I would sum it up in something like this:
  1. BA work is crucial for downstream 'stakeholders' *
  2. The BA works for up and downstream 'stakeholders'
  3. Do some System Thinking to be sure the requirements are fully understood by downstream 'stakeholders'
* not sure I agree with this term but it works for now...

It's worth to take a look :)

Here's the full article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/user-stories-requirements-emal-bariali-mis-csc?trk=mp-reader-card

Have fun! :)

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